Our Mission is to Help Americans Save Money on Healthcare

It takes a good strategy to buy the right health plan. The key is to find the perfect balance of expected out-of-pocket costs, and plan costs. To truly get the right plan, you must really look at the numbers and see what will truly be the most cost effective option.

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We’re committed to making impacting positive change in health insurance

Health Insurance can be a very complicated process. There are thousands of options, and all kinds of fees to understand. It seems over the years it only grows more confusing. Quick Health aims to bring clarity to health insurance. We think the whole process of purchasing health insurance can be made simple.

Most health insurance comparison websites out there are just pulling estimated rates from other third party systems. The rates a user sees is non-binding, which can be very frustrating for someone looking to purchase health insurance. In addition, most people looking to buy health insurance aren’t taking the proper time and care to understand the true costs of enrolling in a new plan.

Our approach is much different. After creating a profile on QuickHealthcare.com, we’ll match you to a licensed insurance agent who can go through the required pre-qualification process needed to receive a binding health insurance quote. Only at that time is it truly possible to discuss rates.

Your agent will go over your current medical expesnes, maximum budget, and a few other key factors, and then you’ll be able to choose between plans that provide you with the most cost effective coverage for your situation.

There’s no reason to look at plans with a $10,000 yearly deductible if that deductible isn’t within your budget, and there is also no reason to look at plans that cost $1,200 per month if that’s not affordable for you.

Let us do the hard work of analyzing the plans, and provide you only with the options that truly make sense for you. And also let us help clarify any confusions when it comes to deductibles, co-pays, and other fees.

Our partner licensed insurance agents can compare plans for almost all major US carriers, giving you access to the right opportunity to finding the right plan for you, your family, or your business.

Interested in joining our network of licensed insurance agents?

We have consumers requesting plan comparisons all over the country, and work with qualified partners to facilitate these requests. If you feel that you could be a good partner, please let us know.

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