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What type of insurance are you looking for?

short term insurance

Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance is ideal for those who missed their deadline for open enrollment and need a temporary solution.

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health insurance

Health Insurance

Everyone can enroll in a plan during open enrollment. Those with approved life situations can also enroll in a health plan outside open enrollment.

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business insurance

Business Insurance

Those who also own a business can purcahse a plan for themselves and their employees.

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obamacare plans

Obamacare Plans

Enroll in a subsidized plan during open enrollment, or outside of open enrollment for those who meet certain life situations.

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medicare supplement

Medicare Supplement

Those on Medicare can purchased a supplemental plan to help cover out-of-pocket costs.

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medicare advantage

Medicare Advantage

Medicare recipients can replace their government plans with a private Medicare Advantage plan. Plans are available starting at $0.

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How it works
Our goal is to provide you with the best health care plan for your needs and budget. On top of that we strive to make this process as fast and simple as possible. Take a look below at how it works.
how it works

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We collect some of your basic information online in order to quickly filter appropriate plans for your goal. This piece should not take any longer than 2 minutes.


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After you fill out the form a professional licensed agent will give you a call within 15 minutes. They will go over a few more questions needed to provide binding rates.


Choose the perfect plan!

Once we have verified your information, you will be able to choose the best plan that meets your needs and receive a fully binding quote for health insurance.

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Common Questions About Health Insurance

How do I find the best health insurance?

Each person has a unique health and financial situation, therefore the best plan for any person is dependent on a few factors. First, how much can you afford to pay per month for health insurance? Then, how low do you want your out of pocket expenses? Our agnets will help you search for the best balance of cost and out-of-pocket expenses for your unique case.

What is a deductible?

Insurance providers set a minimum amount that you must spend out of pocket prior to your insurance kicking in. The deductible amount typically is a total over a 12 month period. For example, if you’re deductible is $2500, then after you’ve accumulated over $2500 in medical bills during a year period, then you’re insurance will kick in and start to cover the remaining costs.

Healthier people tend to choose higher deductible plans. But, keep in mind, that you must be financially able to pay this deductible amount in the event of an emergency.

How do I buy health insurance outside of open enrollment?

If you meet a certain life condition, such as moving to a new state or getting a new job, then you can enroll in a new healthcare plan at any time.

If you don’t have a valid reason for purchasing healthcare outside of open enrollment, then you may purchase a short term plan that can last up to 12 months.

What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO?

An HMO plan limits you to only doctors within your network, and matches you to a primary care doctor. Prior to any new medical procedures or appointments, you will need to visit your primary care doctor for a referral for it to be covered by your plan.

A PPO plan allows you to access a much wider range of doctors, and gives you the flexibility to go visit any of those doctors without a referral. This plan offers the most flexibility, but also costs significantly more.

Can I qualify for a subsidized plan?

Subsidized plans are handled on a case by case basis. Each applicant will be analyzed based on their income and other criteria to see if they should be eligible to receive subsidized health insurance.

Typically, a candidate’s income must only be slightly above the U.S. poverty level in order to qualify. This amount ranges depending on the number of people in your household. For a 1 person household, the limit is approximately $16,642 in yearly income, and for a 4 person it is $33,948.

Why buy a plan if my employer offers health insurance?

In most cases, employers offer a limited number of options for healthcare, which would most likely limit you to several options from just one carrier. An employer may pay some or all of these costs for you, but keep in mind that you will still be taxed on the payments as income, and in many cases an employer would be willing to pay you directly your health insurance benefits versus enrolling you in one of their plans.

If you choose to enroll in your own plan, you will have much more flexibility when it comes to which plan you choose. Much of the time, people can find a much more suitable plan at a more affordable price when choosing a plan on their own.

What is the best health insurance provider?

The best health insurance provider is a personal preference. Many people have different preferences. For some it’s the cheapest cost, and for others it’s the least out-of-pocket costs.

Quick Health can help you find the best provider and plan for your unique case.

Can I get a plan with no deductible?

The lowest deductible is usually $500 for the most premium health plans. In some states there are $0 deductible plans, but they can be very expense, and may outweigh the added costs involved.

If you speak to our agents, we can help look at your unique health situation and help calculate the best plan that will cost you the least amount of money out of pocket over time.

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